Cider combatibility layer allows running iOS apps on Android


It has always been a problem for developers (even users) than they have to built separate apps for android and iOS devices. But we might get a solution to this problem in the futures. Some students from the Columbia University was able to run iOS apps on the android device using a compatibility layer named as “Cider”. Cider is not an emulator or a virtual operating system , instead its a compatibility layer which forces the apps to believe that they are working in there native OS. So you can experience the same performance and features of iOS apps in the the android devices also.

Even though Google play store has more apps than Apple store, Apple has better quality apps. So if the Project Cider comes into a reality ( openly available for users), it will be a great break through in the mobile application development.

To read more details on running iOs apps on Android and Project Cider check this link.

Checkout the Cider demo video below:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”350″ link=””]

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